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I have had 2 subsidy families, both times everything went fine. Here in Nevada they have to turn in a pile of paper work at there appt to get approved, then they send out the certificate saying how many hours they were approved for. I kept the sign in and out sheet here with me and they signed in and out every day, signed the bottom and I mailed it off every month. The biggest problem that I saw was that the checks take a month to kick in when you first start a child, but then I got paid every month. Our agency was really good about paying us on time. (lucky I guess)
The need for susidy is far less common where I live than other parts of town. I would take a subsidy family again.
I think families dont understand that they are responcible for what ever the subsidy doesnt cover. They automatically think that they will be 100% covered. I had one mom who way over paid me (waiting for the subsidy to kick in) and I just treated it as a credit and let her use it up. I think subsidy is hard to come by these days, our agency has a waiting list now. The two familes I have had were treated no diffrently than my other familes. (I know thats not always the case).
Im so sorry that you have had such bad experiences with subsidy.
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