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I became a dc provider when we lost care for my 2 schoolage kids many years ago. It had always been in the back of my mind to do this profession, and after working 21 years at the same company and dealing with poor management there, I made the decision to open a dc in my home.

I operate a very good quality program. I am always full. My dc kids get good meals, have fun and do lots of activities. I do a preschool progrm since I do not transport. I have a fenced yard with nice activities for them. I offer hugs, lots of love, and truly enjoy what I do. I run my daycare as a business.

What I don't like about the job is the long hours, the no benefits, no vacation pay, I don't like dealing with those that abuse my policies and having to deal with that part of the business. There are a lot of cost that I did not factor in when I started my busness. The pay isn't the best, and my days are very long. But in the end, it is what I do and I love it.
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