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Just wanna reply to a quote on Danielle’s message “ that she see nothing wrong with a provider carrying a baby as much as they need!!!i I work in childcare , my room ratio is 4-1 infants.. they all want to be held all day ! Now would u expect a provider to carry one child around all day !? Ya think we got 4 arms ?! If your child needs special treatment, being carried around all day , hire a private nanny !
Sorry I don’t agree with u on that . Sit on the floor with all the babies at their level and encourage the child to sit NEXT to u !!!
This is a really old thread and Danielle commented over 9 years ago....

BUT in her defense, she does not work in a center and said she only keeps one infant at a time so she CAN hold/carry a baby all day if they need it.

There is a right fit for families and providers. If a baby requires being held all day and the parents find a provider willing and able to do that, great! Win win for everyone.

I wouldn't have put my infant in a center for the very reasons you mentioned....there are so many and their needs are definitely individual and not one size fits all so I found a program that met MY child's needs;which was being held a lot more than my other child.
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