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Default Child’s Safety at Risk! Help!!

I have gone through a very highly contested divorce from a sexually, physically, and psychologically abusive husband. The courts in this Virginia county are extremely father friendly. The judge said since I didn’t report all this horrific abuse then it didn’t happen. He gave my ex primary custody with final decision making rights. My ex-husband promptly moved her to a daycare that is part of a nationally and international chain. This is a very transient location with teachers and children lasting about 6 months at most with almost all military families. A perfect atmosphere to hide an abuser’s actions. Also, my ex is a charmer and master manipulator on top of everything else.

My 3year old daughter appears to be getting molested by her father. My daughter has reported to her teacher that she is being peed on her face and “tushy.” The teacher told her that she is a bad girl and gave her a time out. My daughter said she told the director the same thing and the director called my daughter a liar. I am so distraught because everything my child is reporting happened to me in my marriage. I believe my child. I thought daycares had a mandatory reporting obligation. Am I wrong? Is it different for private daycares? I cannot report because I am told that the judge will take away my custody because he never believed I was abused, which would put my daughter in a more dangerous position.

I am horrified by this large daycare system not protecting the children. How can I protect my daughter from the molestation and expose this daycare’s actions. I am sure my daughter is not the first child they have done this to and I know she won’t be the last.
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