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It is possible they have reported and CPS ruled it unsubstantiated based on your court history. There may not be any physical evidence to support your claim, only a history of your verbally stating the same things, leading them to suspect coaching on your part. There are hundreds of cases of women alleging abuse after the fact to gain custody. It is not something easily ruled out without physical evidence.

There is a reason we are not allowed to question or encourage the child to elaborate anything to us, it contaminates the investigation. We are told to change the subject, move on with our daily routine and report.

A three year old may have seen it as "time out" when the teacher simply moved her away from other students when she was discussing such inappropriate classroom discussion to prevent them from also saying things like that for attention. 3 year old's are known to parrot for reaction. It is classic developmental behavior.

I would recommend controlling what you can at this point. Teaching her good touch/bad touch and give her the words to say no.

May I ask why you did not report your own abuse?
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