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Default Question for Class 1 Daycares

Are there any providers out there who have a class 1 daycare (in my state, that means a maximum of 12 children at any one time), who have a full time assistant? I know any provider with that many children at once would need some extra help (for ratio purposes if nothing else). But do you ever hire assistants full time, or are they just part time? How many children do you have on your slowest, least busy days?
I'm a class 1 provider and would like to have my assistant work full time, but I'm not sure it's practical financially. I have to pay $500 a month for rent for my daycare building, buy food and supplies, replace broken toys, etc (you know the costs of owning your own daycare) and several of my children are only part time. Three days a week I only have 10 children at once. The other two days varies, but with no more than 12 children, of course.
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