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Default Speech Issues

I have posted about this kiddo before. He turns five this month, I am trying to prep him for kindy. He has some issues, which so far parents refuse to deal with. Mom says "oh his dad and I both have issues catching onto things but we eventually get it". Mom also said she is mildly dyslexic when I brought up my concern he may be. Dad just seems to have an "okay whatever attitude".

To me, the fact that they won't do anything doesn't take away what I believe I should be doing in providing care. So that leaves me looking for ways around it. We finally learned all our upper and lowercase letters, so we are learning. BUT numbers are a different issue right now. We are gaining ground there also, but his speech in interfering. For 3, he says "free", so for 13 he is saying "firteen". But that makes him confuse it with 14. He of course has some other speech issues, but in this case it is causing him a real issue with his learning, which he is always so eager for learning time, he loves it and mostly soaks it up. And counting to 20 and recognizing the numbers is one of the things they want to start kindy, however I have one in kindy (only elementary in our little town), that halfway through the year can still only count to 19 so who knows. But she is required to count to 100 by the end of the year to go to first grade. Sigh.

I guess I am venting because I have no idea what to do!
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