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Originally Posted by MarinaVanessa View Post
I'm in CA and it's not that hard really.
I actually think the process is too easy.

Overall here's the basic of what you will need to get a license:
- Anyone working with the children or living in the home over the age of 18 must get a background check through LiveScan (aka fingerprinted). This will cost anywhere from $45-$65 depending on where you go. I get mine done at the Sheriff's department, by appointment only.
- Anyone working with the children or living in the home over the age of 18 must get a TB clearance. Go to your Dr's office or other clinic to be tested for tuberculosis and get a negative result or if you get a positive result get treated for it and a clearance note from your Dr. Cost me about $15 (my insurance didn't cover it)
- CA child care Infant, adult & child CPR and first aid certification for you and any approved adult that you may leave with the children with (for example if you have Dr's appointment and your DH fills in then because you are not present he must have CPR/first aid). Not just a typical CPR class, there is a specific class you have to take for licensing. Through American Red Cross it's about $100, I go through an individual and pay $55. The first class is an 8 hr class, re-certification usually takes about 4-7 hours depending on who you get. You have to get re-certified every 2 years.
- Take a one-time Preventative Health & Safety Practices class (for the first time you can usually take this class and the CPR/first-aid class in the same weekend, it's a 2-day 15-hour(ish) course). This one costs around $95 (when I first took it, not sure how much now. You only have to take it once as of now but it's in the works that the state may change this to have us re-certify after a certain number of years.
- You have to be current and immunized against influenza, pertussis, and measles (and anyone living/working in the home that has direct contact with the children that is over 16 years old). Cost varies on your insurance, all I paid was my $20 co-pay.
- Mandated Reporter training. It's roughly about 3 hours long online and free. You just go through the training, take a 20 question test and print out the certificate to put in your files. You have to renew your certificate every 2 years.
- Go to an orientation. You can do this in person or go to one online. Not sure what it costs now, when I took it about 10 years ago it was about $25.
- Fill out an application and put all of your "proofs" (immunizations, cpr certificates etc) and an application fee (can't remember how much it was) and mail it in. They'll call you to schedule a walk-through.
- Walk through ... they come to make sure that your home is child-proof. If you pass the inspection they will print out your license right then and there (they have portable printers) and you can operate as of that day.

Thanks so much for all the information! That sounds like a completely easy process that I wouldn’t have problems with at all. It actually sounds easier than my current state.
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