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Originally Posted by Lovisa View Post
I live in Ca and have never heard of the Mandated Reporter training. Is that a new thing? I've been licensed for several years and no one (including licensing when they show up for random visits) have never said anything.
Yes this just came into effect January 1st and was posted in our quarterly updates on the CCL website. I went to a local meeting at our resource and referral agency last Friday where there was a presentation with licensing and I brought up how a lot of providers were commenting that they did not know about the new changes. I shared their response with the ladies in our local family child care FB group so I'm going to copy and paste it here for you.

"As a lot of you ladies know it has come up a couple of times about provider's never having been told about the quarterly updates and/or the Provider Information Notices (PIN's). I went to a workshop with licensing at Child Development Resources and brought this up and I wanted to share licensing's response with you. In brief:

1) Provider's sign the family child care license application which says that providers agree that they "shall stay current and in compliance with the laws and regulations governing standards for Family Child Care Homes"

2) That it is the provider's responsibility to check the CCL website regularly to see if the regulations have changed.

3) That the topic of the location of where the Title 22 regulations, quarterly updates (and now PIN's) are posted have always been covered and continue to be covered in the orientation before becoming licensed.

4) That licensing does continuing community outreach to notify providers of changes such as through workshops at resource and referral agencies, local family child care associations, quarterly updates and PIN's sent via email, posting on the CCLD child care website etc.

5) That licensing analyst's visits are to ensure enforcement of the regulations and that many times there isn't sufficient time to go over changes. That they do their best but that provider's should not wait and rely on these visits as a source of information and education. Provider's should check the quarterly updates and PIN's online and if providers have questions or need clarification they should reach out to their analysts and not wait for a site visit

6) That if a provider is not aware of a change in the licensing regulations they will still be cited

Under some circumstances licensing will be more lenient when there is a change in a regulation like for example if a new law suddenly comes into effect and there is very little to no warning then the goal will be to educate and give the provider time to comply instead of directly citing the provider ... this will depend on how much time has passed since the new regulation was posted etc.

So, in short, if you were not aware of the quarterly updates or PIN's please bookmark these links and start checking now. The quarterly updates are posted all the way back to 2013 and the PINS up until 2016, I'd go back and review them.
Quarterly Updates:…/Self-Assessment-…/Quarterly-Updates
Provider Information Notices (PIN):…/Provider-Information-No…/Child-Care

You can also sign up to have them emailed to you by emailing and simply saying you want to sign up for the CA child care updates. Please share this info with anyone that may not already know!"
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