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Originally Posted by KidGrind View Post
Why are their wishes more important than the childís well being? I donít get it. You are willfully allowing yourself as a professional to be part of child neglect. If something goes wrong with this child it will equally fall on you.

I would speak to them and give them notice if they are unwilling to provide more food. Iíd equally make a call to CPS. Enough is enough. Recently I had a parent who wasnít giving me enough breast milk. I reminded her of our interview. I told her that if she is not producing enough, she has options.

1. Supplement the child with formula.
2. Quit her job and stay-at-home.

I told her I would not accept another drop off without enough milk. I told her to not feed this baby when he is hungry is equal to child neglect. I will not be an accomplish or take any part in not meeting a childís needs. This was at the end of the 2nd day the child was crying excessively. She chose #1.

It is 100% their child. It is 100% career suicide to go along with parentís inappropriate requests.

I do the same. My contract has a space for BF babies. The parents sign an agreement to allow supplementation with formula if there is not enough breast milk. I require a 2-day supply minimum for breast fed babies to be on hand here at all times.
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