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After reading Cradle2Crayon's suggestion of 'blame it on the state', I remembered that next month, after the baby turns 8 months old, I will be required by the food program to provide his formula and food in order to claim him on the food program. So, I will tell his parents that. I only have 5 more days this month that I will be watching him due to my being closed and their scheduled days off.

So, I will 'blame it on the state', but it will be the truth. And we will see if he continues to come here next month. For breakfast, he's required to have cereal (which the parents don't give him now. They said his formula has cereal in it. But even so, I have to give him cereal separate from his bottle), fruit and/or veges, and his bottle - all at one sitting, not an hour apart from each other like they have him eating now. Lunch has to be his bottle, cereal, fruit and/or veges, and meat. Again, all at the same sitting. I don't know how his parents are going to react to this. I'm probably going to lose him over trying to feed him properly and whoever they get to watch him will feed him however they say to anyway. I'm probably just screwing myself here. But, according to the food program, that's what's required, so that's what I will tell the parents I have to do and we'll see what they do.

My handbook/contract is a yearly agreement. Which means that at the end of the calendar year, no matter when you hired me, it expires on December 31st each year. I am then able to make changes to the handbook/contract and change my rates, etc. So, I will make a change in it that I am required to provide all formula and baby food for the babies no matter what their age.


I have said to myself many times that I can't believe the parents are fussing at me for WANTING to feed their child! And that I can't believe I am afraid of losing a child because I want to feed him when he's hungry! I don't get it! I sit here and shake my head every day that the parents and I get into an argument about this.
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