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Originally Posted by Heidi View Post
I guess I wonder why they even need every gory detail about what he eats there and when.

If your on the food program, and you're being reimbursed for his meals, then feed him. Cereal, veggies, fruit, and whatever formula they send. They provide formula, you provide the rest, right? That's how it goes here, anyway. So, he'd get more spoon foods than formula, maybe, but he certainly wouldn't go hungry.

At almost 8 months, he'd be on the same meal schedule here as everyone else, roughly every 3 hours. He'd be eating his food, followed by his formula (a little in a cup, then a bottle), while the other's ate their meal. At 8 months, he should also be able to start some easy-to-nibble crackers.
True. If you're providing food program requirements, you're on the food program, right? If not, get on it! I have an 11 month old right now, who when was 8 months and still, had meals at the same times as the other kids and a bottle to follow. So, give him more food!
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