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Angry Illegally Unlicensed Daycares that Advertise

I just recently went through the training, home updating, home inspecting, background checking, etc. to become licensed. The whole shebang. It wasn't cheap. And it was a lot of work.

Now I'm realizing just how many illegally unlicensed home daycares there are in my area. All of them are advertising they offer full time care (I'm in Kansas and you cannot watch children more than 20 hours total per week without being licensed). They ADVERTISE! Most included IN their advertisement that they are unlicensed.

I just don't get it. Is there no one doing anything about these people? I worked damn hard to get where I am... just to turn around and find out that not only am I competing against established home daycares but unlicensed SAHM's who charge the same as licensed care.

Sorry to vent... it's just SO. FRUSTRATING.

/end of rant
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