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Originally Posted by Sugar Magnolia View Post
Ok.....Crafty (OP). I totally get what you were trying to say waaaaay back in your original post. You are dismayed that people are openly advertising for an ILLEGAL operation, am I right? If I read it right, in your state it is illegal to watch children more than 20 hours without a license, and by advertising full time they are clearly breaking the law? So full time providers must be licensed? And their ads say both full time and unlicensed? And you're frustrated that your Kansas licensing authority isn't doing anything about it.

Somewhere above, I gave my best insight......about state budgets, lack of funds and staff. Being legally unlicensed is totally Totally TOTALLY fine.No one here will.disagree I hope. Being ILLEGALLY UNLICENSED IS NEVER OK. At least not in my book.

You know, we should all be outraged. Police monitor craigslist for prostitution right? Illegally caring for children should be taken more seriously. Its NOT ABOUT what type of license you have, its about if you.are breaking the law.

So what can we do? I mean, actually do, not just vent about? Licensing is over worked. Every county needs a watchdog? Someone to patrol craigslist? As a licensed facility/center, I am legally required to list my license # on ANY and.ALL advertising. If folks. are legally unlicensed, their ad should be required to say that as well. If people are operating illegally, they should be busted. By licensing. Your vent, my vent, anyone upset by blatant and obvious illegal care, would best be directed at the elected officials who fund your licensing oversight departments.
100% Agree.

I am licensed, early childhood educated, career home daycare.

In NY, they are cracking down BIG TIME. Fake inquiries into CL ads, stakeouts, police escorts with cease & desist orders, big fines, that sort of thing. Why? They have money allocated for labor.

Licensed home providers are closing because they can't fill infant spaces for $150, centers are going sliding fee scale & ILLEGAL sahms are babysitting for $15/day & over ratio.

Even if they are operating legally unlicensed yet not claiming all of the income, they are STILL doing something illegal.
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