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Default Shyness In 5 Year Old

Ok this is my kid I'm writing about.
He has always displayed a high level of shyness even around people who he has seen regularly.

When we go to birthday party's or at friend houses he won't want to even go in. Once in we have to shed him off of us. We have been to party's where there have been bounce castles and tables full of treats and it's been 40 min for him to settle in and go play with kids he knows.
Now he dose ok with the dk that come but won't even look let alone speak to the daycare parents. One set has been dropping kids off for over 3.5 years.
He has improved a bit. Useally now we can get him into where were going walking (sometimes with a push bump to keep him moving) and minimal tears and crying. For school (Jr. Kindergarden) he dose not cry at drop off or through the day. But even now after almost 6 months of school will put his head down and claim shyness rather then answer his teacher questions or tell about what he made. Has only spoken in circle time a few times.

So far we have never really coddled the shyness. We allow him to cling to us when we get somewhere but make him to go in still. We get him to move off of us as soon as we can. Even letting him choose to go stand in a coner by the door at a Christmas party this year. (He wanted to rather then interact with the kids and adults there for like 30 min before he went to play). We also never introduced the term shy to him (other's did).

Dose any one have any tips or tricks to help. I'm worried that it could start to get in his way for school.
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