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This is not shyness it is introversion. Introverts are very sensitive and take a while to “warm up”. I think if you see this as a gift it will be easier to accept your child for who he is. I have an extrovert and an introvert child. With my introvert we have to take more time, allow the clingyness and support her as much as possible. The less we push her to be extroverted the faster she warms up to new situations.

When she was 2.5 it was horrible. We had friends over for a playdate and she wouldn’t leave my side. Clung to me the whole time they were here. I know for a fact that if I had pushed her it would have made things worse. Now at 5 she is so much better and is really opening up more. She is cautious and a deep thinker which I love about her. My extroverted daughter would jump off a cliff to talk to a stranger! Lol

My opinion is to just accept it and support him as much as possible. Instead of saying or thinking “shy” which is a problem to fix, think of him as introverted, which is a personality type. Next time he is having issues going into a play area tell him “mommy is here for you, take as much time as you need”. The more he gets the message that his feelings are ok, the more he will accept himself and the more he will feel like engaging with others and the world. Pushing will backfire big time
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