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This was so me as a child. I was both shy and introverted - a double whammy. Also, extremely sensitive as others have said. It seems to go hand in hand. Honestly, I think it bothered others more than it bothered me. In this extroverted world we live in, quiet people tend to make the more extroverted types uncomfortable. Anyone who is introverted and shy can tell you that while they may quiet on the outside, there is a whole lot going on in that brain of theirs. I never felt like anything was wrong with me until I got older, especially in the teen years, and others would constantly tell me to be more outgoing and I need to talk more. It made me feel like there was something wrong with me and really affected my self esteem. It has taken time and effort to overcome my shyness, and I still will get shy from time to time, but the introverted part of me will always be there. Its part of my personality. Its who I am.

There's a book on amazon you can download called "The Thriving Introvert". I highly recommend it.

Does your child have any strengths or anything he's good at? I was really good at art and drawing. My parents really encouraged me in this area. It helped me to get my feelings out and I got a lot of attention from others and school mates because I was good at it, and this made me feel good. Find something he is good at and show interest in it. This could help build his self-esteem.

As far as the rest, I think you are doing a good job with your gentle encouragement. Whether he outgrows this or its a part of his personality only time will tell.
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