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thankyou for the great idea. Nothing has happened that I know of at home, now when he was younger his parents split up for about a year but now they are married. His mom does seem like she is controlling though. All the kids I have been with me for at least 3-4 yrs, my newest started in March. I did a reward chart for about 3 months which worked really well but after about 2 months the kids got bored with it, it wasnt exciting anymore. I pick a line leader /helper each day which they like that, but this particular boy prefers not to really help me because it takes away his time playing and being bossy with the kids. I do give a sticker or a "goodie" like an m&m if I see they are sharing and plaing nicely, it works well with the others but not him so much he could really care less. I do stick with the discipline but I feel like he's always getting in trouble. thanks again for the suggestions
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