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I was wondering being consistent I do especially when he's not being nice but if it's reminders like asking him to put away his toys which he has to be asked 3 or 4 times because he can't focus on that he is so worried about what everyone else is doing would you give him time outs or just keep reminding him he needs to follow directions? I just feel I'm constantly on him and I feel bad but then he just doesn't seem to listen or get it? At home he's an only child and I know especially dad lets him get away with some things, like yesterday he was running and yelling very loud up and down my entry way I told him 3 times inside voice and no running, dad just laughs and says oh he didn't get that out all day? I was mad because he didn't enforce what I was telling him, I said you know running and yelling gets you time out so I don't know if next time I should just say something like I don't think dad wants to sit here while you have a time out but the boy tests me I'm sure cuz his dad is here.
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