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thanks its so frustrating. I know for a fact though it's not my attention he's trying to get, it's the other kids, 2 boys in particular, one because he is younger than he is and then a 5 yr old boy i have. I just don't know what else to try and i get frustrated because it doesn't seem like he really hears what i'm saying to him. Sorry you're experiencing it too.
i just started a daycare and i love it i have just received a four yr old boy whom has been into four daycares this is his fifth one and let me tell u the parents have told me everything i have also called the other daycares they gave me permission to call them and let me tell u this child does not do good with authority he loves to not listen but his father called on his first day and said how is he doing i said great he said to me are u for real do u have the write child mine i laughed i did not say much until he came to pick him up i then showed him the problem i gave him choices not just choices but used that word in there and along with my hand jester as one choice or number two choice and it worked like a charm i do not know if u tried that or not but i stand by it .ok here is one i said to him he was giving me a fit when his father came in about putting his shoes on before he had gotten his shoes his father ask him if he would like to go get a slurpie today he was excited and said yes so any way he would not put on his shoes on well then i said to him bud u have a choice [choice number one and held up a hand and pointed to it is u can put on ur shoes and go get a slurpie with dad or choice number 2 or not put on shoes and not get a slurpie i said now u tell me what choice it is tht u want to pick he always goes for the first one lol this is a suggestion it might work just try it good luck
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