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What a coincidence! I have been researching the Montessori method as well as the Reggio Emillia approach recently. I actually already, naturally, incorporate some of their ways, but I am interested in really understanding them both and learning how to incorporate more of their styles.

I have heard a lot of the book 'The Hundred Languages of Children' which is based on the Reggio Emillia approach. I called my local library to see if I could check it out from them. I have to wait for them to get it from another library and hope to have it by this weekend.

From what I understand from my research, the Montessori method was initially meant for special needs kids to help them do things that more typical children could. Then they realized that by using the Montessori method, younger children would be able to do things that they typically wouldn't be able to do until they were older.

For example, a young child can't put their coat on in a traditional manner of holding the coat upright, putting one arm in and then the other. But, using the Montessori method of putting the coat on the floor, with the head of the coat at the child's feet, having the child bend over, and put both arms in the sleeves and then flip the coat over their head, the younger ones could actually get their coats on by themselves.
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