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People need to mind there business. If she is not bothering you, then why are you worried. Let that woman make her money. If she was abusing or neglecting the children, nobody would have anything to say. That's what is wrong with the world today, people report the wrong things.
What if you're not sure if the person is doing something illegal with the children, but you notice how unsanitary she is; leaving dirty diapers tied in bags outside the door all day long in the heat attracting flies & gnats? Makes me wonder what the inside is like or if she just sweeps trash to a hidden location while the parents are dropping off the children. How about when they are blocking the entrances & exits & you try to reason with your neighbor, but she is so crazy she threatens to call the police & when they show up they tell her that SHE is becoming a nuisance for calling for no reason & threaten to lock her up if she calls again because she & her guests are at fault since there is a NO PARKING sign where they like to park & congregate. I have no problem with people making their money, but when it starts to interfere with my world, it becomes MY PROBLEM!!! The problem with world today is that people like you don't care enough!!!
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