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HOLY CRAP! Jen, I think that the unregistered person just may have forgotten it's haldol!!!

I really don't like it when people post insanity like that! It was the incoherent ramblings that I might expect to hear from someone who has lost touch with reality!

In any case, here in MI, you have to be licensed so I got licensed. I don't know that I necessarily would if I didn't have to. I don't think that not having a license means that you aren't capable of doing the job well. I don't think that people who decide not to get licensed are trying to not pay taxes. CHildren can suffer abuse at licensed daycares as well as unlicensed.
I totally agree I had my 2 children in a licensed childcare in Michigan and they never wanted to go I couldn't figure out why. I switched and started having a friend watch them (who is not licensed) A few months later the old child care was shut down and under investigation apparently she was allowing her son (who was 12) to take baths with the younger kids and he was molesting them. Yup doesn't make one bit of difference if you are licsened or not it is the person that is caring for you children that matters!
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