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Default Lets stick to the original question here.

Those of you who believe that people should "mind their own business" with regards to illegal day care are completely ridiculous. The original question asked here was whether or not this person should report what she/he believes to be an illegal, or unlicensed, day care center. The first few responses to the original posting were obviously from people in similar situations as the person running the illegal day care because the tone of their responses was extremely defensive. You didn't bother to give a yes or no with an argument to back up your position. Instead you followed it with another questions..."how do you know it is illegal?". What does that matter? The question is should I or should I not report it. All I need from you is a yes or a no and why. The fact that someone is intentionally sidestepping the established laws doesn't seem to factor into your argument at all. What it comes down to is this...if it is run illegally then it should be reported. If the law is on the books and is not being followed, then it is a crime. Period! We all have an obligation to report a crime we know, or believe, to have taken place. This is a fundamental responsibility we all share as citizens. For those of you who are not citizens, it applies to you as well. The only people who would not report these crimes are those who would commit them themselves.
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