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Default Unlicensed Child Cares

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This statement is not true. Just because someone runs an unlicensed daycare, DOES NOT mean they are not following the safety guidelines. I am an unlicensed daycare and follow the guidelines of my state. Just because someone isn't licensed does not mean they do not operate a quality program. I am sure just as there are "bad" unlicensed providers, there are just as many "bad" licensed providers. In my opinion, it simply comes down to people not minding their own business.
Well I was an Registered Child care in Iowa and a Licensed Child care in California and I am no longer taking care of children because my "Licensed" Child care in California required that I carry a $1,000,00 insurance policy, not only on the kids I took car of which I didn't have a problem with that , but I also was REQUIRED to carry a $1,000,000 policy on the Superintendent of Schools here. When I questioned why I needed to have a Childcare policy cover the Superintendent of Schools office, I was told so they can be sure I am insured, when in fact the Super, of Schools here is also the overseers of the Foster Care Program and due to the many Foster Cares that have either abused children or placed kids in Foster Cares that have actually been directly responsible for the deaths of children in their Licensed foster cares that the state was running out of money and the state could no longer take on the burden of the lawsuits that resulted from those deaths. Having been on both ends of the issue although I was never un registered, I am 4 square against the licensing of Child Cares and am in favor of Registering Childcare homes. When the state gets their grubby hands in peoples jobs in the name of "LICENSING", then the people not longer have rights, and are forced to unreasonable requirements that completely run the good facilities out of business in the name of regulations. I was Registered and Licensed for over 25 years and licensing regulations ran me out of business because I was the provider who took kids no one else wanted. There are good Child care homes and facilities and I guarantee you that requiring me to carry an insurance policy in the amount of $1,000,000 dollars, would not make me a better childcare......Oh I forgot to mention that the only entity that I could get to carry a $1,000,000 policy on the Super of Schools office was the state itself, thus generating more income for the state from the lowely child cares. Go figure!
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