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OR..we could just let parents decide what they want for their kids. By the way, do you follow people around and call the police when the jaywalk, speed or litter? Those things are against the law too.

The reason people are asking *WHY* do you think the daycare is illegal is because we don't want people calling up to report every daycare provider that they see based on a hunch that they might be...

By the way...I AM a licensed provider and there is an unlicensed illegal daycare across the street from me. I wouldn't dream of reporting her so your assumption that the only people who wouldn't report are those who would/are commiting these "crimes" isn't correct. I have never seen anything that appears to be abusive and therefore I wouldn't report. PARENTS can decide for themselves if they want to go with a licensed provider or not.

No kidding, doing this forever I can honestly say I've seen just as many bad licensed daycares as non licensed, and vice versa. In my state they don't have to be licensed, but looking into everything I don't see where licensed is an advantage to anyone except the state. A lady I know chose to get licensed as a group home, and she put her husband on since he was home and retired. Guess who really watched the 10 children? And maybe she is really good... but I don't think it makes a hill of beans, and many parents do know the license doesn't make a difference. Many clients come from the larger daycares that are licensed and warehouse kids, and all I ever hear is biting, aggression and basically a lack of one on one.

This is the thread that goes on and on because you will always have people that are jealous instead of productive. They like to see what's on everyone elses plate because it just might be better.
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