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Any one that is UNLICENSED is UNLICENSED for a reason -- they do not follow the rules otherwise they would see to it to be LICENSED even if it was not required for the number of children they keep. People that babysit inside their homes are usually uneducated to begin with-- or they would set up a proper business.
just for the record, I watch children in my home without being registered. This does not mean that I am uneducated, as I am not. I am doing this so I can spend more time with my own children as well as give some people an option to more affordable daycare for their children. The reason I am unlicensed is because I would rather spend time with my kids than filling out paperwork! I am CPR certified, have been through several child care classes, and love being around children. This is why I do what I do, not because I am not capable of anything else. I have ran my own business and it doesn't compare to how happy I am now.
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