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Default Unlicensed daycare

I have an in home unlicensed daycare, and I love what I do. I will admit that getting it started was very hard and my husband and I had some hard times trying to pay our bills while I was doing it. I will also like to admit that i do not pay taxes on the income that I make weekly. I have only been doing daycare for 3 years now and have just now got to a point where I am making money. I only charge 75 per week so I provide a service to people who cannot afford licensed daycares and every parent knows I am unlicensed and I do not pay taxes on my income. I am very good at what I do and the kids are happy here. I am BARELY making a profit at all afetr food, drinks, crafts, toys, electricity, toiletries, etc.

Now on the subject at hand...

I think that there are unlicensed and licensed daycare that should NOT be open and I have no idea why people would take their kids there in the first place. The pool is no big deal as long as she is watching the kids and they arent out there playing around it. She should have respect for you and your house and if she is aware that she is affecting your income, maybe that should be something that you could talk to her about like adults.

I personally don't want to get licensed because of the fact that those people can come into my home anytime they want and if they see something that they don't like, they will take my kids! Drug addicts, alcoholics, people who have no business having kids all don't have to worry about keeping their kids but I can't spank my kids in Walmart fr throwing a fit.... You just never know anymore if what your doing with your kids coincides with the laws. The laws contradict themselves. You can't whoop your kids but a certain way and your kids aren't allowed to get into trouble without the parent getting into trouble, but discipline is not allowed... craziness. Anyways, I'm sure some of you women have something to say so lay it on.
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