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I just turned in a resident in my town for operating an unlicensed daycare - I inspect daycares in Massachusetts as part of my job. This woman and her husband own a nice home and have two college kids. He, the husband works outside the home, full-time and she has five or six unrelated daycare kids at her house full time, Monday thru Friday. She has a pool, not fenced in and an unfenced yard.

Here in Mass., daycare rules are very strict, for a reason - the state runs Cori and Sori checks, inspects playground equipment - pools, everything! In Mass you also have to carry hefty liability insurance which is expensive. The State promptly came to her house and shut her down. (I knew she was unlicensed because I did my homework and called the State first) I hope she incurred a hefty fine as well. Who in their right mind would run an unlicensed daycare and care for other's children? Full-time daycare in Mass. runs $300 and up per child - I'd like to make about 60 to 70K, tax free, per year.

My son, who is in college, pays 43k per year to go to school - my husband and I have taken out huge loans to help him out and we both work full time and pay huge taxes. It's called greed, plain and simple and a lot of people think they are above the law. Shame on the parents of these children, as well, for not checking to see if this daycare was licensed in the first place. I stewed for about a year about this before I called the state. There is no excuse for this.
First, I agree with prior poster. Job Security (maybe nosey nelly wanna be do gooder)

Anyways, Your son's college.... Your issue and no one else's. This has nothing to do with the situation or your job. Stupid comment that's all

Second, did you do "your homework" with the IRS?? How do you know she doesn't report it? I was unregistered for years. Guess what. It was all reported. I am now registered and .... Guess what?? It's still reported, but who exactly is making me?? The IRS doesn't know I am registered if I don't tell them so paying taxes has nothing - absolutely NOTHING to do with being registered or not.

There are deadbeats that work "real" jobs that don't pay taxes because they have judgements or just don't feel like paying. So don't make this out to be about freakin taxes and college.

Grow up... Some professional. By the way, it's people like you that keep people from becoming registered.
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