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Originally Posted by daycare provider View Post
First, I agree with prior poster. Job Security (maybe nosey nelly wanna be do gooder)

Anyways, Your son's college.... Your issue and no one else's. This has nothing to do with the situation or your job. Stupid comment that's all

Second, did you do "your homework" with the IRS?? How do you know she doesn't report it? I was unregistered for years. Guess what. It was all reported. I am now registered and .... Guess what?? It's still reported, but who exactly is making me?? The IRS doesn't know I am registered if I don't tell them so paying taxes has nothing - absolutely NOTHING to do with being registered or not.

There are deadbeats that work "real" jobs that don't pay taxes because they have judgements or just don't feel like paying. So don't make this out to be about freakin taxes and college.

Grow up... Some professional. By the way, it's people like you that keep people from becoming registered.
Another well said point
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