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Crystal, I understand your point and your concern. However, it is still very possible for that senerio to happen in a registered home. At least in my state. It is up to you to state who resides in your home. You could easily not disclose that information. No one has ever inspected my entire home. They only inspect the area that the children will be playing in. I could have someone move in and store their stuff in my bedroom (not that I would) and never disclose to the registrar that someone was living with me.

Also, as stated before in this tread or another thread (I cant remember). I think a good example out of your story is that cheaper is not always the answer. Parents are all about rates that it is hard to see past the money aspect. Maybe she had a good program, I don't know but chances are she was choosen only because she was cheap. It's aweful those children went through that.
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