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Quote from Carole's Daycare "Unlicensed care flourishes because these providers are willing to cut rates operating off the books so its cheaper, but they dont incure the costs of training and facility maintenance that a licensed provider does. As long as families are more worried about money than quality they will continue to operate under the radar and unknown to county oversight. The end result is those poor quality facilities make a negative reputation for the profession as a whole, making it difficult for licensed providers to charge a reasonable rate given the overhead costs, or get treated as professionals."

As an unlicensed provider, I find your theory false and demeaning to many of us providers. I provide a high quality program, I do not cut rates and I do not operate off the books. And other than not paying licensing fees, I too incur the same cost as a licensed provider. Please don't put all unlicensed providers in your generalizations.

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