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We all have our opinions, but honestly. If I could make money by not being registered I would not go through the hassel. In my state I can only have 2 children without being registered. I was much happier with my job prior to being registered. There is a lot of unneccassary paperwork. I do understand the safety issues. No complaint on that. But for instance immunizations. If a child has a birthday today and requires immunizations she can not come to care until they are done. Now my doctor wont give shots until the actual birthday. I would never spoil my child's birthday with shots, I don't know anyone that would. But my child could not attend care until the shots were done. That is rediculous. If you were to let them attend you will get a hit as being unsafe on the state website and also a fine. Yes immunizations are important but there should be a grace period. Another issue. My sub could not sub because she bounced a check in 1988. That is rediculous. What does that have to do with childcare? Plus it was 22 years ago. There are other issues I have with the state controlling what we do but I have rambled on enought. I am basically saying honestly if I had to do it all over again, I would have never become registered.
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