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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
More children are hurt at licensed day care than at unlicensed day care.
I am not trying to argue with you but I would like to point out that there may be more REPORTED children hurt at licensed daycare's because of the fact that the provider is licensed. In CA when a child hurts himself we are required fill out accident reports and REPORT them to our licensor. How many unregistered providers and/or parent's are required to do that? And I am talking about any incidents as minor as bruisings. As a parent with a child in a licensed childcare home you well know that if you have any concerns all you have to do is make a phone call to the licensing board and immediately the provider will get a phone call or visit and become questioned and in most cases at least a small investigation started.

When un-licensed and you suspect child abuse or neglect you have to call CPS and that takes FOREVER to even get someone to go to the home. I know because I've done so. In many cases there is no longer proof of the abuse and so they can do nothing. Also when you are licensed you open your home to the licensing board and they can show up un-announced during your business hours to check on things. I think this is great. The best way to be caught doing bad things is when you think no one is looking. If you are un-licensed then no one can just show up to your home so there really isn't any way to tell if there is abuse going on or to catch it in time.

Also, everybody please keep in mind that regulations vary from state to state. Some states require you to be licensed others don't. Some that don't at least require you to register. I think that in the case of the original post Stephan you should first learn about your state's and county's regulation on operating a home daycare are. You can review your areas regulations right here on this site. Then ask yourself why it bothers you. Are the children in danger? Or are they just driving you crazy? If your concerns are genuinely for the well being of the children and your area requires you to be licensed, call the licensing office. If they just need to be registered find out who to call to report it. If neither is needed to care for those kids call CPS. And if it only bothers you because they're too loud, disrespectful, blocking your driveway, parking in your parking spot (street parking is fair game for all), hit your car (ask her for the parent's name and file a police report) or for any other reason other than they're in danger, Why not just walk over and talk to her to address your concerns? When my neoghbors have concerns and address them nicely I immediately talk to the parents (I have clauses in my contract about blocking driveways, noise etc.).

And for everyone else, before I get a blizzard of angry responses, please note that I am speaking of people in violation of their state's laws. Everyone is entitled to their opinions but I for one do not appreciate it when I follow all of states regulations and become licenced (In CA you are required) and others don't. Why should some get to pick and choose which laws they want to follow? But again, for all we know she can be following her states regulations and doesn't need to be licensed or registered.

Originally Posted by Chickenhauler View Post
IN HOME DAYCARES PAY LITTLE TO NO TAXES.... EVERYTHING is a tax write off-utilities, heat, water, power, garbage, mileage on the car, repairs and maintenance on the home, toys, apparatus, PETS, cleaning supplies, food, furniture, even the lawn mower and any repairs/supplies needed to run it.
Wow, where do I sign up for this?? Those are only tax deductible if they specifically have to do with your daycare and even then only on a time/space percentage. Meaning: You take how much time you take care of kids and the square footage you use in your home and that's the percent that you can use as a tax deductible. Still, it's nice to get up to 40% (sometimes more) tax deductions on everyday things.
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