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Originally Posted by AfterSchoolMom View Post
Everyone keeps talking about how easy it is to get licensed, but the requirements in my area are long, time consuming, and yes, expensive. Also, I know for a fact (as I have a friend in our development who went through it) that I'd be required to install a fence around my property. I can't afford that and my HOA would not approve it without a fight. Licensing isn't required here and I choose not to do it.

Good for those of you who are licensed - I'm not saying it's a bad thing! What I object to is those who automatically assume that I provide substandard care, that I abuse children or am otherwise trying to hide something, or that I'm uneducated because I don't have a license.

I don't think this debate will ever be over!
In total agreement with you! Yes, there are bad providers out there but I hate when people lump all unlicensed providers into this ball of "you are not a good provider b/c you are unlicensed". Simply not true! I have a 4 year college degree, my state does not require licensing & I chose not to become licensed b/c of the expense to do so & the fact that my state does not require it.
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