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This statement is not true. Just because someone runs an unlicensed daycare, DOES NOT mean they are not following the safety guidelines. I am an unlicensed daycare and follow the guidelines of my state. Just because someone isn't licensed does not mean they do not operate a quality program. I am sure just as there are "bad" unlicensed providers, there are just as many "bad" licensed providers. In my opinion, it simply comes down to people not minding their own business.
i agree totally! when i was going to college for my bachelor's degree in early childhood development (which i now have) i worked at and my own children attended one of the so-called "best daycares" in town. i was disgusted by the place. they always operated at the maximum ratio and i mean ALWAYS. i had more education than my center's director!

i am preparing to start keeping children in my home and i will not be licensed. i can keep up to 4 children without a license - and that's what i'm going to do. just because i'm not a licensed daycare doesn't mean i'm not qualified - i'm licensed teacher, and have more experience/education than most licensed center operators. i like the idea of not being licensed because i can be more flexible. for example, i don't HAVE to take the kids outside just because it's 33 degrees out.

i may get licensed in the future after i see how this works out, but not having a license by no means you are not qualified.
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