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Originally Posted by clep View Post
So I re worded my day home policy to ensure parents are not in the position to debate with me if their child is too sick to be at care.

I only had a problem with one parent trying to push the boundaries. I also suspect they have been doing the drug and drop for the last two weeks.

I sent the policy with the new wording and clearer guidlines out to parents yesterday. All were very pleased with it except the parent who is the trouble parent in this area.

She has been SAHM for quite some time now with her older two in school. Her response was that she cannot conform to the new policy as her husband's work is too far away to ensure a timely pickup. He doesn't do drop offs and very rarely does pick ups as it is since she is home all day.

Also she has shared that it is not reasonable that if her child was to eat something bad on a Sunday, and throws up on a Monday that he has to stay home then for two days. She feels that is excessive. Of course she does.

She is letting me know that rewording the policy and making it a mandatory policy is breaking our contract and kicking her family out.

I always take prepayment for the last 30 days of care so parents cannot bolt as I am sure this family would be if I didn't have that prepayment. I am confident she is wording things this way in an effort to made me responsible for them leaving asap, so I will have to reimburse them the last month's prepayment.

My contract is VERY clear regarding the prepayment and that it is ONLY applied for the last 30 days of care and will not be reimbursed to parents. They can always find some way to justify having to leave asap when they are angry.

I know exactly how I want to handle this, and have the response typed up and her notice printed. Just want to get some further input before I submit it to her.
I would let her know that this illness policy has always been in place, she just hasn't always followed it.

Plus just because SHE thinks her child ate something one day to make her throw up the next day is not always true as she is NOT a doctor so how does she actually KNOW that it was due to something her child ate and not due to an illness?

I would tell her nice try but the illenss policy has always bee in palce and you are just now having to get strict with it since you assumed parents would use their best judgment and do what is best for their child but obviously SOME parents aren't doing that so you are having to get strict now.

Just because she can't or won't pick up in a timely manner is also NOT your issue or your problem.

Reiterating and strictly enforcing the illness policy is NOT voiding your contract....again tell her nice try.

I am kind of not-so-nice about this stuff and would probably be inclined to tell her that IF she can prove with a doctors slip EVERY time her child has a cough, cold, runny nose, sniffles, throws up, diarrhea, fever etc... she can be at daycare but ONLY as long as she gets a doctor's slip saying child is NOT sick each time symptoms are observed then the child can be in care.
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