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I was saying to her pretty much the same thing you are. My response was just wayyyy more long winded. Glad I asked for some input.

I also like the way you worded it that if she "can't or won't pick up in a timely manner that is not my issue".

Termination of this particular family is really my preference at this point. There are so many other issues at hand I am truly exhausted with this family.

The rest of the parents are really happy about the new wording of the policy. I have the paperwork from them already. They are also very pleased as my husband has changed his shift at work to evenings. He used to run a day home for several years. He has agreed to take over the day home during the day if I fall ill so I won't have to be closed in the future.

I think I have covered all my bases so I am not sick all the time caring for her sick son, and have also provided an extra pillow for the parents with my husband being back up.
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