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Have you referred to the Alberta daycare licensing requirements for your health policy creation? I am unlicensed but I use the Ontario one for mine.

There is a big difference between upchucking a maldigested meal and vomiting up a lung with a virus. I always call the parents the first time a child vomits and tell them to be on alert because if they throw up again I will expect them picked up. They also don't bring the child in until there has been no diarrhea or vomiting for 48 hours. I don't have an issue with my parents abusing my policies because it is the same standard they'd have in any centre. I don't refuse a snotty nose but I do refuse highly contagious and difficult to control the spread of viruses.

If it is as you suspect a parenting issue then you are probably better off ending the relationship sooner, rather than later because it will probably fester and reappear constantly.
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