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Originally Posted by daycare View Post
oh wow....I have done triathlons (wish I could do and Ironman) and let me tell you that it takes not only great mental strength, but great physical strength too. BUT I have to admit what it takes to do our job is neither. Our job takes patience and it looks like mom is not getting her priorities right. She should be taking the time to do what is necessary to develop the patience to deal with her child well or ill.

This really does sound like the mom that I had, but this mom did marthons at the mall, so she needed full time care for both of her children from 6am to 7:30pm daily.

I would be telling this mom to get a nice jogger and learn to be a mom.
Yes you are correct, patience is required, but where I see she is really lacking is in boundaries and consistency. She does what is easiest for the moment, not what is best for the child.

I did send her the email. Will see if she terms. I am confident she will.
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