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When would you say it becomes our business? How about when the parents parking for dropoff/pick-up block the area designated for MY vehicles or MY guests as they hang out and chat for twenty minutes every afternoon? How about when they actually block MY DRIVEWAY? How about when they hit MY CAR PARKED IN FRONT OF MY OWN HOME as they barrel out of the daycare's driveway? How about when a daycare parent parks in front on my home for well over an hour, blocking my garbage can and causing the weekly pick-up to skip collection at my home for the week?


All happened.

Is it MY business then?

YOUR business should not interfere with me or my residence. If and when it does, then it becomes MY business.

These rules and regulations exist for a reason.

Oh, and btw, I happened to run a LICENSED home daycare for several years. So, yes, you better believe I will report anything not on the up-and-up.

I have some RUDE neighbors who are running an unlicensed daycare and they are constantly interfering with my parking situation and my other very nice neighbors' parking spaces. If they would like me to "mind my own business" then they should stop having their business interfere with my daily living. They should go out of their way to accommodate their neighbors. It just blows my mind that these particular people will not even respond to a nice smile and a "hello" or "good morning." I have no problem turning them in and will do so if I am continued to be pushed.
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