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I live in a townhouse community. Two doors down from me are people renting a small, 3 bedroom townhouse. The couple that seem to permanently live there have been heard having domestic arguments. I banged down the door one afternoon when I smelled smoke and heard fire alarms going off for 10 minutes to have the guy come to the door in a confused state--he either sleeps incredibly soundly or he was drunk or high. I hear the way she screams blue murder at her kids when they're just dorking around like kids do... moving slow, not coming inside when they're told, etc. But she seems to take it to the extreme and screams at them. The kids are little--all under 5. Today I watched an SUV load up 8 kids who had to all be under the age of 5. Given how quickly the kids were shoved into the car, I really have to doubt if they had car seats and seatbelts for them all. I'm worried for the kids and I'm concerned for my neighborhood. THe house has numerous cars coming and going from the house. The people come and go with radios blaring, then people get out and hang around their cars cackling and yacking on their cell phones for 10, 20, 30 mins at a time. THe rest of the neighborhood is a quiet, low key kind of place. I've personally witnessed realtors come in with potential renters/buyers while all of this is going on and I can only imagine what they're thinking. Hoopdy's out front, woman screaming borderline obscenities at their tiny children, 20-something year old fathers high as a kite. In this situation I'm wondering whether to report the place as a possible unlicensed day care--for the sake of those kids and the neighborhood.
If you are EVER, EVER concerned about the safety of a child report.
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