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ITA.. the best statement yet on here! I am also an unlicensed home care provider..however OHIO does not require u to be licensed.. I follw all the rules as one and claim taxes also.

Originally Posted by Smiles View Post
I felt I should add to this topic after reading the posts. I am currently an unlicensed home care provider. I owned a large center for 10 years that was licensed. Hard as I tried, my staff didn't always follow the rules when they thought no one was looking. Having a license DOES NOT mean that the rules are being followed. In fact, I think that unlicensed providers work harder to follow the rules because they have more to lose if they dont. If a licensed provider doesn't was his or her hands after a diaper change? They get written up, but they don't lose their business. If an unlicensed provider doesn't wash? It becomes a federal case and she is closed down.

I am unlicensed because I do not believe having a license makes you a good caregiver and I do not believe in the system. I have seen the people who work for the state first hand and I have seen the inconsistancy and lack of knowledge these people posess. I believe child care is between the parent and the provider. End of story. If a parent is happy, they will stay where they are. If they are unhappy, they will leave. Child abuse and neglect is a sad fact of life. But it will happen, license or not. Parents should take responsiblilty to ensure their children are safe. By putting their faith in a system that is outdated, underfunded and often run by people with no background in early childhood education parents have a false sense of trust. Parents visit the daycare everyday. How often does the state visit the center?

Just my 2 cents
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