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IN HAWAII I don't understand why people don't get licensed. It is super easy here. Basically all you have to do is get background checked, FBI fingerprinted, Employee history checked, and have your house checked. you don't have to take any classes or anything. Also here you can only have two children unrelated to you. So if I were a parent I would be a little suspicious of my provider if she wasn't licensed. There are plenty of people who seem so friendly and nice and turn out to be complete lunatics behind closed doors. If I were a parent and was going to bring my children to an unlicensed childcare I would at least ask for a background check. I am in no way saying that any of you unlicensed childcare providers are in anyway lunatics or not fit to watch children.

Also, lets try to be a little civil. You are either a parent or a provider if you are on this forum which means you should be setting examples and acting like adults. There is no need to get immediately defensive and type aggressive things. We all know better than that. If our kids were fighting like some of you are, we would put them in a time out.
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