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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Then why should you care? You don't live next door, do you? You don't see what goes on, do you? There are plenty of unqualified people out there looking to make a fast buck who should not even be allowed to have custody of their own children. My opinion is that if you want to run a daycare, rent space in an approved building and stop disrupting your neighbors lives. I doubt they moved there figuring you'd be setting up a glorified babysitting service. Have some respect.
well, there are some pretty insane people in the world. i have an old nosey neighbor that has NOTHING better to do than keep up with what everybody on our street is doing. i could see her reporting an "unlicensed daycare" even if it the person didn't require a license - just because she's nosey as hell.

this lady is actually my husband's cousin although she's much older than him. she used to come over and talk to me all the time when i was outside....until one DREADFUL children (4 and 6) went to check the mailbox and being the children that they are - GASP! checked hers, too.....

the MINUTE my daughter came in and told me the postman accidentally put the neighbor's mail in our box (LIE!) i sent her to the neighbor's house to return it and apologize.


you'd think they had stolen a check and cashed it or something. if that had been me, i would've thought nothing about it. who CARES!! if things like that are the biggest worries you have in life, consider yourself LUCKY!

reminds me of a song...

If everybody minded their own business
They'd be too busy to worry 'bout mine

- joe nichols
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