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Angry have any of you minding your business ever

Been inside of this persons house and see how she lives? Everyone put's up a front for on lookers outside of the house, but do you know whats really going on inside the house. Shoutiing at the children, filth endangering the childs health, neglect by allowing the child to scream and suffer while the babysitter prefers to talk on the phone or do thier homework etc etc. Theres a lot of things that can be going on in that house that people don't know about. 85% of molested, rape victims were violated during thier childhood by a relative or someone they know like a babysitter. Do your research before you slander someone whos trying to do the right thing. That's the problem with the world today, PEOPLE WANT TO TURN THE HEADS TO DOING THE RIGHT THING INSTEAD OF DOING IT THE RIGHT WAY. IN AMERICA, YOU PAY TAXES TO HELP OUT THE NEEDY. IF YOUR TRYING NOT TO PAY TAXES, THEN YOU ARE TOO SELFISH TO EVER PROSPER IN LIFE.... KARMA IS REAL, NOT JUST HEARSAY!!!!
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