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Angry How do you know all of these things?

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I'll tell what makes it my business.....i have to pay taxes on my earnings. This daycare providers income is hers!!!!!!!!!! She drives a new car (a charger). I guess it pays well. That along with all the welfare she qualifies for because her income is not reported.....yeah, it makes me mad as hell!!!!!!!!!!

Sounds like you are just envying the fact that your neighbor has a successful home business that allows her to be home and doing something she loves. I run an unlicensed home daycare with the hopes of opening a licensed daycare facility threw the church that my husband will be called to. My husband is in grad school and I work from home watching 3 children a week on top of the my own 2 children. I also have a new car although its not because my home daycare brings in a ton of money its because my husband and I are able to budget our spending and we spend wisely rather than wasting money on useless items. I report all of my income to taxes I have an EID number for taxes and use quickbooks to document all daycare income coming in how it is paid and who pays it. I report all of this! Maybe if you think she isn't reporting her information or if she is a horrible sitter you should contact someone that can check on her. Also if she isn't making that much money she doesn't have to report it to the government or to qualify for public aid. Maybe you should keep to your own business rather than jumping to conclusions about other people.
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