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Default Reporting unlicensed providers

The idea that anyone who is unlicensed providing childcare should be "turned in" is ignorant. If someone is clearly violating the exempt childcare provider guidelines(taking more children on then is allowed with the ratio rules) then I can see it may be necessary to report. Here in NY a few things are true, if I have three of my own children I can watch an additional two children though only two of them can be under the age of 2 without being licensed; if I operate a preschool I do not have to be regulated in anyway(no licensing required in Ny state what so ever) scary but true, you cannot turn in a provider who is running a preschool simply for being unlicensed, the State does not regulate preschools in the same way they regulate daycare. You need to know your states rules before you go flying off the deep end about licenses. Many unlicensed providers provide excellent care. Many stay at home Moms are unlicensed providers not interested in jumping through the hoops to get a license mostly because it is a temporary position so they can stay at home with their children too. It is not (contrary to a few posters positions), some sneaky move to hide illegal wrongdoings. If you think a provider is violating rules that place the children in danger whether they are licensed or unlicensed should not make a difference you turn them in.
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