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Default Unlicensed Daycare : Illinois

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What are the consequences from operating an UNLICENSED daycare in IL? Is there a fine to pay? I am unlicensed and have run a home daycare for 3 1/2 years now. ALL the parents that I babysit for KNOW that I am unlicensed, it isn't something that I hide. And I claim ALL OF MY INCOME! I give them my SSN at the end of the year with a total of daycare paid. Everything is completely safe but I'm just not licensed. The process is going to require me to take time off AND find a daycare to put my own children in. I'm worried about being turned in for NOT being licensed.

I hate to put the parents out when they DON'T CARE if I'm licensed or not. They are going to have to make other arrangements while I take these classes.
Hello Fellow Illinoisan,
I am in the same boat, want to go from lic. exempt w/ 3 children to more children (the correct ages) and can't honestly afford to close my business for 6 months ? while I wait for licensing. If there is such a shortage of qualtiy dc in Il. then they should do a rush process for these cases where dc is being offered, so that families and myself are not put out.
Any tips or info is much appreciated
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