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Unhappy when people file false reports

Whether a person is registered or not doesn't mean you get better care. Was a registered provide and any tom dick or harry can file a report on you everyday and the state then makes you jump thru hoops just to try and keep your licenses. I understand believe me i have 5 grown kids of my own and we have to protect the next generation. But when you have your whole life and family put thru the mill and all allegations are unfound then you wonder why people don't what to go thru all the hassle of becoming license when your license does little to protect you. I have my credentials in FDC and CDA i go to every possible trainings I can to improve my daycare only to be slapped in the face after 6 yrs of having my own daycare I gave them my license the other day the registor is a nightmare i swear the job has gone to her head. I just feel sorry for all the people I help. I provided care days evenings and weekends and now who's going to do it, i was the only license facility in a 65 mile radius. But unfortunately when it starts hurting my family and other people I have no choice. Then they wonder why people aren't license
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